Kid’s Club

Suceag, Romania


Kids’ Club is an exciting, varied program where all kids are loved and learn about how much God loves them. In Kids’ Club you get to make a new friend, increase social and educational skills, learn God’s Word, and have all kinds of fun!

We also have a program for teens called Overcomers which is a fun, safe, interactive forum for teens to come together with caring adults to discuss real life issues, look to scriptures for answers, and pray for each other. Both of these programs meet weekly in Suceag, Romania

For the last six years we have been renting buildings to hold our programs in Suceag for the kids and youth. We know its time to rise and build a permanent structure that we will have to “call home” and be available for programs and ministry seven days a week. We are excited about the potential of expanding educational growth opportunities, humanitarian aid efforts, and vocational training for the village of Suceag.

We are over 1/2 of the way to meeting our building fund goal. We expect to be fully funded soon so we can buy the land and put up the building. The kids, youth, and team leaders are beyond excited! Consider sowing a seed into this great ministry that is changing kids’ lives and futures.