We live in a culture of offense. Everybody is offended at something but do not let an offense take root in your soul.

A root of offense will derail and defile you. To defile means: to make foul, dirty, unclean; pollute, and taint. I choose not to be offended by any person, politics, president or even pet. Yes, pet! I had to forgive my dog once for biting me in Romania. He was a tough dog who protected us against trespassers and thieves. He bit me even though I was good to him. I think his love for biting overshadowed his loyalty to me. Sometimes people love the fight more than what they are fighting for. Arguing can turn into angry words, narrow thinking, and stubborn resentment very quickly. I find arguing 'sides' or 'positions' counterproductive as you are usually not going to change another person's mind anyway.

Pride is a culprit too. With pride comes contention, so the root of all contention is pride. If I am getting defensive about what I believe maybe I am not certain and am trying to convince my own heart. The louder my own voice becomes so the quieter the truth.

The humble man says you have a right to your views but I also have a right to mine. If what you believe is strongly established in your heart it doesn’t matter what other people say. If getting others to agree is what you hope for, genuinely practicing your beliefs is the best persuasion.

Don't let a hard fight or bitter loss pollute you. The opposite of offend is forgive. By forgiving people that disagree or disappoint, you keep your life on track and your soul clean.

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