Many years ago I learned a powerful revelation from Mark 4:15-19(NASB) about what happens when you hear God's Word. God's Word is powerful and the devil hates the freedom it produces in people. So the devil tries to get your attention off God so you don't become fully persuaded and rooted.

This scripture explains how the devil uses five things to steal the Word of God out of your heart. They are; persecution, affliction, cares (worries), deceitfulness of riches, and the lust for other things. We all face these five at sometime in our life (and have even been side-lined for awhile)! Instead of trying not to cave to the pressure of these five, what would happen if you focused on the opposite? It makes sense that if these five (persecution, affliction, worries, deception, and lust) come to steal the seed of God's Word out of you, then the opposites of these (rest, health, trust, understanding, and contentment) would help establish the seed.

Here is a recap of the five:

1. If I am persecuted for what I believe, I will rest in God.

2. If I am afflicted (hurt and suffering) I purpose to get healthy in my soul and body.

3. When I'm tempted to worry over my circumstances I acknowledge my trust in God.

4. I understand prosperity God's way.

5. I make God first place in my heart and other things don't captivate me as much, I am content.

By living daily in these five truths the seed of God's word will not be stolen from you, instead it will flourish and produce!

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